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US Cargo builds a wide range of better quality cargo trailers, motorcycle trailers, landscaping trailers, car haulers, snowmobile trailers, plus specialty and commercial trailers. Most trailer models are available with an all aluminum construction featured in our Amera-Lite lines.

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What Our Clients Say

“ Any racer should know how great your car haulers are... the Patriot is everything I needed and then some. It’s trouble free, fits my budget and was easy to finance through my dealer with the Forest River credit card. ”

Andrew W. Johansson

“ I owned a couple different trailers makes in the past. The best, by far, and the one I count on now is yours. I have made around 20 to 25 trips from White Cloud, MI to Denver, Co and the only thing I have ever had to do is service the axles. You just forget it’s back there. ”

Jay P. Kent

“ I purchased my first enclosed trailer, a US Cargo. My family and I spend a lot of time outdoors. We are on our snowmobiles in the winter and our quads in the summer... If I ever need another it will be another US Cargo for sure. ”

Victor R. Richardson

“ My trailer is a 6X10 Trail & Sport for home use. We have hauled my son back and forth to college, moved the family, gone to flea markets, used it for camping, hauling bikes and more. I thought we would use it only a few times but it it is indispensable. All around a great buy for us. ”

Brad Suth

“ I did my homework and bought a US Cargo 6 x 10 enclosed with a ramp. Since then it has been worry free -a real workhorse for me... I’m really grateful you guys make such a reliable and practical trailer. ”

M J Dean

“ As a professional contractor I had a lot of concerns about getting a good trailer with the right features for my business. Time is money; I don’t have any to waste on fixing a trailer. US Cargo had exactly what I needed. My crew is tough on trailers but I’m very happy with how the US Cargo stands up. I would recommend it to anyone. ”

George G Hernandez

“ I heard US Cargo made a quality trailer- I’d have to say that’s an understatement. I put a lot of miles on my closed trailer and it hasn’t given me any trouble. None of that rust problem like I had on my other brand of trailer. Pulls perfectly, like the day I bought it, no swaying at all. ”

Mitch Becker

“ Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know you have one very satisfied customer. You guys make the best trailer I’ve ever had –don’t keep it a secret. Please let me know if you need a recommendation, I will be more than happy to share my experience with others. ”

William “Bud” Miller

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